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We took a private tour of the Calder exhibition at the Seattle Art Museum.

by Steve

Cat Boats

Are boats the housecats of the sea?

by Steve

Tom’s Thumb

We've been coming to Scottsdale for fourteen years. Today was the first time we hiked one of the nearest and most popular trails.

by Steve

More About VPNs

A downside to using a VPN and what you can do about it.

by Steve

Get your Kicks… in Kingman

We stop briefly to check out a remaining segment of The Mother Road.

by Steve

Nota Bene

A useful tip for smarty-pants foreigners.

by Steve

Buckskin Mountain

Buckskin Mountain State Park is about 20 miles south of Lake Havasu City. We drove there today to take a look.

by Steve

A Study in Contrasts - Part 2

We spent the afternoon far from the British Empire.

by Steve

A Study in Contrasts - Part 1

A day in Lake Havasu City in two very different places. Here’s the first place.

by Steve

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